Berkan Şahin's Website

Hi! Welcome to my website, where I write about stuff (primarily tutorials and some info on projects I'm working on).

If you're looking for the letter grade calculators, they are here. Check the About me section if you want to learn more about me/contact me.

Tree Example Generator

I made a tool for generating random operation sequences (insertion/removal) for trees (2-3-4 tree, Red-Black tree, AVL etc.). You can access it from https://bsahin.xyz/misc/tree Note to self: I should get around forking hugo-theme-terminal to accomodate for listing pages from multiple sections at some point (otherwise stuff not in blog/ remains invisible).
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A Fresh Start (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hugo)

If you remember the old version of bsahin.xyz, you probably remember a blogpost titled Webpage Generation for Lazy People, which was essentially a tutorial for using pandoc to generate standalone webpages from a markdown file. While my old website consisting of a few “lazily generated” pages and some handwritten HTML received compliments on its use of duck.gif, I felt that the website would become convoluted as I added more and more pages.
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